By: Abby Parker

"When I imagined what I wanted my wedding to be like, I immediately thought: relaxed.

So much goes into the process of preparing for not only a wedding, but more importantly, a marriage! Because of this, I didn’t want to be stressed or preoccupied about silly minor details. I wanted to be able to enter into the day naturally and lightheartedly. This way, I could more easily embrace the beautiful reality of what was about to occur: “the two shall become one flesh” (Matthew 19:5).

Angela literally helped me do this.

I come from a large family. I also had a very large Bridal Party. My house was very crowded and a bit chaotic at times. I wouldn’t say we were the most organized… I literally got ready in my grandmother’s pajama pants and had to borrow my bridesmaid’s deodorant because apparently that detail slipped my mind.

However, Angela entered the environment with such grace! She organically took pictures as people got ready. There was no stress of posing for unnatural or awkwardly forced photos. I could be present. I could enjoy what was happening before me. I could be myself! Not once did I feel uncomfortable about feeling in-genuine. She simply blended in with our group and became our hype woman. 

Throughout the day, there was so much peace. Angela gently pointed us to certain spots or positions in order to capture the authentic beauty of what we experienced. Her flexibility and creativity were so wonderfully evident under her peaceful direction. 

When my husband and I saw our wedding photos for the first time, we were in absolute awe! Angela’s artistic approach is feminine, soft, beautiful, and natural. Nothing was overly edited or awkwardly framed. Her ability to capture the authenticity of the day was perfect.

Like I said earlier, the most important thing was that I was able to feel relaxed. Angela’s flexibility encouraged an environment of calmness and joy. Because of this, I felt all the more ready to enter into the sacrament!

I cannot thank her enough!"

How should we pay you?

If you like credit card, I am able to send an invoice through my website.

I also accept cash, check, Zelle, or Venmo.

Checks can be made out to Angela Castano

How do I receive my photos?

You will receive your photos in an online gallery format, where you can download your photos and even make your list of favorites.

You will have access to this link forever, and can save it as an app.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

An early deposit of $100 to secure your date and this is subtracted from your total payment.

The payment can be turned in up to a week prior to the wedding.

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From Mary...

My husband and I met Angela through his mother, who used to be her college professor. My Mother-In-Law encouraged us to reach out to Angela and look at some of her work because she knew not only that she would do an incredible job with the photos but that she would be a welcome and friendly addition to our wedding weekend celebrations. 

I always considered myself not to be super photogenic; my husband would say the same about himself. I was nervous about wedding photos. People make such a big deal about them, and I was certain the two of us would just feel awkward the whole time. (This was true with other photoshoots we had done together in the past.)

Angela made us feel so natural. Not only was she a joy to be around on our wedding day, but she made photos seem much less intimidating. The photos were quick and so simple. Yet, we got every shot that I could have possibly wanted. Our photo gallery was plentiful, and it captured the beauty of the day like I would have never expected. 

After leaving the wedding, my husband and I recounted that we didn't notice Angela a single time during the ceremony and only very solemnly during the reception. We felt very comfortable for our staged photos, but the candids that Angela caught of us were such an incredible surprise -- somehow she was everywhere capturing every moment, but so discretely! 

One of the most pleasant surprises was how she would edit the same photo with different color highlights -- we received many B&W photos, which were stunning. She also played with lighting in her edits to give us different tones to choose from -- some cooler and some warmer. I would highly recommend Angela for a photoshoot. I couldn't be happier with our photos. I am so grateful for Angela and her good work!